01 February 2006

excuses, excuses and my hairy moose

The real reason I haven't written about the trip is that an evil cold has been kicking my ass for the last few days. I had some sinus pressure in Florida but nothing serious. On the flight back, especially the descent, I had ear pressure that made me cry. (Oliver, who should have been having the ear pressure problems, slept through the entire descent.) I tried all the tricks I knew to equalize the pressure but nothing worked. It was awful.

Sunday I just felt achy. Monday wasn't much better. Had a fever in the evening but I took some advil and went to bed early. I still felt icky so I stayed home. Around 3pm, the fever returned, getting to 102 before I went to bed at 8:30. [Contrary to popular belief, this had nothing to do with my not being able to stomach yet another Bushy state of the union address.]

Joining me in the rack at 8:30 was my hairy moose, only recently located in the basement. I have a hot water bottle that has a brown, hairy cover and a moose head. He's fabulous. After over 10 hours, he was still warm this morning.

Today, same deal. I went to work but in the afternoon, the fever came back. I've been coughing a ton, occasionally hacking up a lung. And the nose finally started to drain. It's lovely. Thanks for asking.

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