20 February 2006

baby = therapy

Today is an in-service day at Oliver's school. This annoyed me since I don't have the day off, nor do I have other options for childcare. CD and I decided to split the day, with me staying home in the morning and him covering the afternoon.

Oliver napped for about half an hour. Not what I hoped for but enough for me to get a shower. The rest of the morning we played. I cranked up a little Laurie Berkner and Ralph's World on my laptop (okay, we did also listen to Baby Beluga but only because he really really likes it - has to be the most annoying, stick in your head song. ever.).

Playing on the floor with a ten month old is great therapy. Oliver was all over the place, resulting in much chasing, and wanted to pull out every toy he owns, but every once in a while he would pause, pull up to a stand using my arm, put his thumb in his mouth and his head on my shoulder, and sigh contentedly. I can't imagine what I would have to pay a therapist to make me feel as good as I did in those moments, if it were even possible.

Since I spend a lot of time whining on this blog, it was high time for sharing a feel-good moment. I now return you to our regularly scheduled bitching and moaning.

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