11 February 2006

I love snow...just not today

Ah, the best laid plans....are sure to kick you in the ass. I'm not supposed to be home right now. I'm supposed to be in Detroit, waiting for a flight to New York. I could have been there but I happened to check the web to see my flight status and notice that my flight from Detroit to New York was cancelled, as of about 1:30 this afternoon. Had Northwest notified me when they cancelled it I could have made an earlier flight but no, they didn't think that was necessary. And in another amazing feat of customer non-service, their website told me I couldn't re-book on-line so I should call customer service. When I did that, I was told they couldn't handle the call volume and I should go to their website. Anyone see a problem with this?

I finally got through to them and once I explained I had no interest in spending the night in Detroit, then flying to New York by way of Minneapolis tomorrow, they re-booked me for tomorrow morning. I'll miss the lunch reservation but should make dinner. Unless that flight is cancelled too. I'm not at all optimistic. I'm not even going to pack. I'll be up feeding Oliver at 5am. I'll check then.

Northwest did call me, about three hours after I re-booked, to tell me my flight was cancelled and I was re-routed through Minneapolis. This required another visit to the website to make sure I was still booked for tomorrow. They really are ridiculously bad at this stuff.

The only up-side to all this is my freezer stash of milk should hold up if I leave tomorrow. Woo hoo. This is going to severely cramp my wild plans for getting some sleep and doing some shopping.

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