15 February 2006

in other news

Despite some pretty insane veterinary bills (see the three posts below), I am indulging my greatest fantasy today....people are cleaning my house. The plan is for this to become a regular thing, now that CD is gainfully employed. Penguin isn't wild about having strange guests in our house, banging around, making all sorts of strange noises and such, but I hope she gets over it in time. In the future, she will have to supervise this activity. It's a little painful to watch, kind of like when movers show up to pack your stuff. Like sausage being made, one just shouldn't see it. Part of the fantasy should be not having to come to grips with what a slob you are, or that you need this kind of help.

And in an additional effort to make things run more smoothly on the homefront, I have now been to Super Suppers twice. It takes a little less than 2 hours for me to assemble 24 dinners to bring home and stuff in the freezer. The price is reasonable, especially when shopping and prep time are factored in. I made some better choices the second time around and have recommended it to friends. The stuff tastes even better when I realize how little time dinner takes to prepare and clean up.

Oliver turned 10 months old last Saturday. He's crawling around like crazy, eating everything in sight, and growing. We have the local babyproofing expert coming on Friday. (Yes, timed precisely to follow the housecleaning extravaganza. The whole thing would have been too embarrassing otherwise.) We probably should have scheduled this for a couple of months ago but better late than never, and we are still getting it done before Oliver takes his first steps.

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