27 March 2006

we're back, honest

Really, we are back from the Clumber national specialty in Indiana. I know it doesn't look like it, from the lack of blog posts, but we really did get home, safe and relatively sound. Last year the dogs were sick after the show (not mine so much, but some others). This year the humans ended up with something akin to what we call "dog show crud". I had a mild case, compared to some others. The aftermath for me is just a little sinus infection.

My voice is back too. Sorry to all of you who have to listen to it.

So more about the trip and the show soon. I'm still dealing with the aftermath, the crap that inevitably rears its ugly head when too many people who take this stuff far too seriously and decide to behave like small children get together. I'd rather change poopy diapers for hours on end, frankly.


Maribeth said...

My Hubby wonders why I don't want to show. I somply hated all the crap part of it. I love my dogs and I love to breed good dogs, but I don't want to be "in it" to breed only "pretty dogs" to win at teh show. I want the healthy and pretty ones, thank you very much.
Inevitably I wind up with some real witch next to me and it makes the entire thing unpleasant. Oh jeeze, off the soap box, sorry.
I'm with you, poopy diapers are more fun!

Kim said...

Politics in the ring I can handle. It's the junk that goes on outside the ring that tests my patience (which we know is minimal because I never get any sleep).