15 March 2006

six teeth and counting

Oliver's grin is becoming a bit more toothful. He has a new lower tooth this morning, after an extremely fussy night. He's been drooling even more than usual for a couple of weeks now, and an upper tooth has looked like it was ready to show itself any day now for at least as long. Still, the new tooth is on the bottom, so today the drooling hasn't subsided and we have a new issue...not wanting to eat.

Oliver's school has a board for indicating how well the children eat snacks and lunch. They get a rating of 1 to 3, with 1 meaning they didn't eat much, 2 meaning they ate an average amount, and 3 meaning they ate very well. Oliver is always a 3. He will devour 4 bowls of soup and be looking for more. Not today. He got a 1 for morning snack. Another 1 for lunch. Somehow, blueberry cake was to his liking and he got a 3 for afternoon snack. I'd give him a 1 for dinner. He's nursing well and eating his fruit and cereal in the morning so I'm not worried about him starving. He didn't gain any weight last week so I think we are just in a period of slower growth. That, and teeth.

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