14 March 2006

it's supposed to be a vacation

As mentioned previously, we leave on Friday for the Clumber Spaniel national specialty. On paper, it looks like a lot of fun. Almost a week of events for Clumbers and their people, including tracking, hunting, obedience, agility and conformation, should be fun, right? Unfortunately, the week also includes a day-long board meeting, an annual membership meeting, and a whole lot of backstabbing, politics, egos and gossip. As the club secretary, I try to hide in my room. I typically get off the hotel property no more than once (except for attending the tracking and hunt tests). Every time I leave my room is a leap of faith that I will not be bombarded by club members bitching about something ridiculous.

Last year the show was in Pittsburgh in late May. Oliver was six weeks old and I was coordinating the week's events. What was I thinking???? I committed to doing the show long before we decided to have a baby. It takes longer to plan a national specialty than it does to make a baby. I could not have survived without CD, my sister and good friend Tara. There were lots of other people working on the show but I would have curled up in a little ball and tried to disappear without them. Wait, I did try to do that a couple of times, but it could have been much worse.

This year we are in Columbus, Indiana. I have been to Columbus, Indiana exactly twice in my life. Both times there have been tornadoes on the ground during my visit. I offered more than once to do everyone a public service and stay home but no dice. To make things more interesting, CD is driving out with me and helping with the tracking test, but will be leaving for IETF in Dallas on Sunday. I'll be on my own the rest of the week, which is why Chewy and Penguin are staying home with a house sitter. If all goes well, I'll have an adjoining room with Jenni, another loyal Clumber buddy. Otherwise I will be spending evenings holed up in the bathroom with my laptop, with Oliver asleep in the main part of the hotel room.

At least there is one bright spot to focus on. This will be my last specialty as club secretary. After six years I'm hanging up my fax machine as of August 1. I just have to find some other fool to take on the job. Those with the right experience know better than to agree to it. Those who are interested have never served on the board and have no clue what they would be in for.

As a consolation prize, I'm stopping at Trader Joe's in Columbus on the way home. After a week in hell, that's my reward. Pathetic....

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