03 February 2008

words to live by

Oliver has taken to telling me, "Don't be too curious!", usually when I put him in the car and go back inside to arm the alarm system. Apparently he fancies himself a man with a yellow hat. And I must have disproportionately long arms and a penchant for bananas.

His language development surprises me daily. Sentences come from what seems like nowhere. We have been through a language explosion or three before but I'm still caught wondering where this stuff comes from. And I know I should be keeping better track of it.

Since CD is off in Cupertino for a painfully long time, Oliver has to amuse himself while I put Eleanor to bed. A couple of nights ago he sat in his room, reading a book out loud to himself. Okay, he wasn't so much "reading" as reciting from memory but it was still pretty cool to hear. I know, of course, that he's growing up. I just forget sometimes.

And just a sidenote about the super bowl. If I liked Tom Brady I probably would have cared and watched the second half. Alas, there was more Jane Austen on PBS. Too bad Eleanor woke up and I missed the last part of that too.

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