22 February 2008

look mum, no leaks!

Despite what the title might suggest, this post has nothing to do with diapers. After having a tough time falling asleep last night, Eleanor slept from about 8pm until 6am this morning. I was very happy to hear her making some gentle, waking up noises because after more than 6 consecutive hours of sleep I start to listen at the door to make sure I can hear breathing. 

When I realized the time, and how long it had been since the last time she nursed, I bolted from my bed and into her room, quite sure there was going to be some spontaneous combustion en route. I even considered grabbing my pump out of the closet, since I expected to leak on one side while she nursed on the other. In yet another moment of wonder with the female body, not a drop was leaked, spilled, or shot across the room.

These blips in the schedule are always times of great consternation. I never know if we're undergoing a shift in schedule, tantamount to a seismic event, or if it's just a fluke, a one-off kind of day. Usually when the change is a good one and I hope it continues it turns out to be the latter. This is day two of a much later morning nap so perhaps she's really making a change. Nah, no such luck.

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