21 February 2008

crisis averted

Yesterday Eleanor and I were out and about, running a few errands. I parked close to Whole Foods and foolishly walked all the way to Kinko's, without putting Ellie in the ergo. It was very cold and she is very heavy.

We got our copies made, our shopping done, and I was strapping her in the carseat when I noticed one foot was missing a shoe. Not just any shoe, it was a penguin shoe. Those shoes were the only thing I bought for Eleanor as soon as we knew she was a girl, back when I was just about 13 weeks pregnant. I was totally sucked in by the whole "limited edition" thing and was sure they would not be available when she actually needed them. Ha! But I digress....

The way life has been going lately I was sure this problem would involve either 1.) letting it go and deciding she is about to outgrow the shoes anyway; or 2.) re-creating my route, schlepping myself and giant baby all the way back to Kinko's.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the missing shoe, right at my feet. Every once in a while, life tosses me a softball. When I am smart enough to notice I am also very appreciative.

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