27 February 2008

Wednesday Bacon

Time for a new feature here at TDaaB, Wednesday Bacon. I am a bit of a bacon fiend. I could go vegetarian pretty easily if not for bacon. It's the one thing I would miss every.single.day. No, I don't eat bacon every day, but I do think about it.

So from now on, the most, um, interesting bacon find of the week will be here, on Wednesday Bacon. Our inaugural item is the Bacon Cup, found at Not Martha. As I sopped up the drool that was landing on my laptop, all I could say is, "Wow." Just as impressive as the finished product is that Not Martha shares all the steps along the way to constructing this little bit of bacon bliss.

I was all ready to add these to the birthday party brunch menu when I read the part about filling her house with smoke. But hey, if you're invited and want to make 'em at your house....

Have to go now. More drool to clean up.

1 comment:

clumber said...

Maybe this recipe can slow down your bacon craving!