23 February 2008


You knew I had to jinx myself when I said my kids were incredibly healthy

Oliver is mostly over whatever has been going around. I like to call it "the plague." Last night Miss Eleanor was similarly afflicted and she is just so miserable. She is so congested that nursing is a challenge. That makes her grumpy, so just about everything, but most especially attempting to wipe her nose, sends her off on a crying binge. Which makes her nose run. Rinse, repeat.

As of this morning, I have it too. Ugh.

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Unknown said...

Feel better.

Our pediatrician in New York was a big advocate of bundling up the stuffy nosed little ones, grabbing lots of tissues, and taking them out in the cold air, on the grounds that their noses would run towards clear in the cold. Worked pretty well, and distracted from the whininess.

I am a big proponent of lanolin. Glob it or Vaseline all around the nostrils to ease the chapping. Very messy, but effective. I made pillow cases out of old towels to deal with the mess - if you've graduated to pillows yet for Eleanor. Sleeping or napping sitting up in the slanted child seat/carrier helped with drainage, too.

I always put a beach towel on the bed over the bottom sheet if there were upset stomach issues - much easier to replace than changing the sheets around a sick child. But Eleanor is probably too young for that yet, due to SIDS prevention. I also put an old beach towel over sick kids' legs in the car and when carrying them up to the doctor's office -- it was so much easier to clean up than the alternative.

I have fond memories of fussing over little ones. You will, too.