26 February 2008

terrible tuesdays

Tuesdays are starting to be my least favorite day of the week. CD tends to have a late conference call. (His group of co-workers are all 3 hours behind us so it's the middle of the afternoon for them.) Sometimes he comes home first, which means he sees the kids for about 10 minutes before going into his cave for the call. Or he just stays at the office for it, like he did tonight, getting home just as I was putting Eleanor to bed. Either way, my little creatures of habit tend to react poorly to the disruption.

The problem isn't really CD not being home at his usual time. The real issue is that the plague is still with us. Oliver is mostly recovered. Just a lingering runny nose. Eleanor is still grumpy and congested. I thought I was getting better yesterday but woke up in middle of the night feeling horrible, so I finally sucked it up and went to the doc today. We think it's a sinus infection so I got antibiotics (that I usually avoid like, um, the plague). Trouble is, after a double dose this morning, I have been feeling steadily worse all day. 

Tomorrow is another day I suppose. All the rain and snow that fell should completely ice over. Should be lovely.

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