19 February 2008

mostly dead is still slightly alive

My internet connection is down at home. No idea what is happening with my email. No idea when it will be back.

Oliver came home from school early. His teacher said he "hit the wall" in a figurative sense. His temp is close to normal but he was weepy and sleepy and drippy (nose) and just plain unhappy. That was until we got to the car, when he said he was feeling well and could we watch Shaun the Sheep? I began to suspect we had our first case of ditching school but there's also something physical happening. He had an early lunch (didn't eat much...hasn't eaten much for a few days now) and an early nap (when he told me "No hug and kiss. I no love you."* he made me cry!). Seems to be a little better now but I think we're going to have a couple of days of the clingies. 

Ugh. Sick kid and no internet. What is a girl to do?

* We talked about that when he got up. When I told him that what he said made me very sad he apologized very convincingly.


Unknown said...

sorry no love from the kiddo, and no internet, but you know what I do (as has been the case in our house off and on for two weeks) with no internet??? MAKE STUFF! WHEE FUN! :-)

ClumberKim said...

We're back up! I didn't make anything but I did watch a lot of Shaun the Sheep.