18 July 2006

on the mend

I think some of my regular readers have been looking for an update on Oliver and the HFMD (or as we like to call it, "the plague"). The news is GOOD. He went back to school today! He slept relatively well last night, ate a good breakfast, and wasn't drooling quite so much so we decided to give it a shot. He did fine. Lunch wasn't so great but it was pasta, which my carb-loving little boy hates. Pasta and noodles might was well be vegetables, as far as he is concerned. He will eat bread with hummus like it's going out of style but keep those veggies and noodles far, far away.

He's still throwing cups at me sometimes, and is still having a little trouble settling down to sleep (did fine at school so this is just a home issue, at the moment), but in general, we seem to have turned the corner.

It will be interesting to see how many of his old patterns he returns to and how many new ones he develops. The nighttime ritual in particular has had to be flexible over the last few days. My ability to guess what he wants is sorely lacking. I need to polish that crystal ball.... I know experienced parents will probably tell me otherwise but I will be glad when he develops an expanded vocabulary.

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