29 June 2006


It looks like I celebrated a year of blogging by taking a three day break. Not entirely true. I worked on capturing a little video yesterday, and it's something other than Oliver. Stay tuned....

Now that he's getting a little older I decided it was time for Oliver to start pulling his weight around the house. Might as well start young, right? I am hoping that by the time he's five he will be scooping the dog poop in the backyard. Now you know the REAL reason I had a child...kennel help! But I digress....

Oliver now has the responsibility of putting his bib into the laundry chute after meals. This involves climbing four steps to get to the second level of our house and toddling down the hall to the chute. He seems to relish this important responsibility, and is only occasionally distracted by the cat or one of the dogs. As I'm writing this it is becoming clear that video is required. Maybe later on tonight.

As I look around at the sorry state of the house, I am starting to plot additional jobs for Oliver, but I will have to work fast. In a twist of amazingly bad timing, CD's brother arrives tonight and the house cleaners come tomorrow. He scares me enough as it is without the problem of the house not being "company-ready". (I know all the parents out there are giggling to themselves about that one....) I predict he arrives in a navy blue suit, which will be covered in white dog hair within minutes, and I will spend the next two days apologizing for everything. Sounds like WAY too much fun.

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