02 October 2007

public service announcement

This is aimed at those of you who have not yet discovered the wonder that is the RSS reader. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU! Gabriella, Donna, Tamara, a few others who I'm sure would prefer not to be named, and a few more whose names I don't know.

Hate typing "three dogs baby" in to Google every day? Or choosing the link from your bookmarks and discovering I haven't written anything today (or this week, or this month...)? Then the RSS reader is for you. It will show you a list of all the blogs you read, just like bookmarks. But if you ask nicely, it will show you only those blogs with posts you have not read. This technology stuff....pretty amazing!

There are lots of RSS readers to choose from, and I've tried a bunch, but the only one I have liked enough to continue using is Google Reader. To get started, click here. In the upper left part of your screen you should see the word "more" with a downward pointing triangle. Click on it and select "Reader". If you need more help, drop me an email.

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