05 April 2007


All the counter tops are IN!!! And nothing broke during installation. I have a big sink now, and a faucet. Disposal is pending yet another visit from the electrician, when he will also fix one of the under-cabinet lights and wire the mixer base cabinet. Once the tile backsplash is installed, the kitchen can be declared 98% done. Just a little trim work will be left.

Even the master bath sinks are now working and the backsplash is in. My ginormous belly means I can barely reach the faucet, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. If the mirror and shower door arrive next week, that room will be done.

The medicine cabinet for the kids' bath arrived today. The hole it goes in needs to be made a little bigger but that's all we have left in that room.

The shower in the guest bath is now finished. That room is waiting on an electrical outlet before it is done.

Pictures tomorrow of all the latest developments. I'm too damn tired tonight.

I think this one is even more interesting but I didn't want to lead off with "hoo-ha". I'm 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and she's at -2 station. I had some strong contractions last night, 5 minutes apart before they stopped. Looks like the contractions are being productive after all. I have also lost 2 pounds.

This is all new territory since I did not go into labor with Oliver until I was induced.

In both cases, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm reasonably sure it is not an oncoming train.

Still not connected. I hate Verizon.

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