11 April 2007

oh bother

Still no baby. Sorry. I'm starting to consider induction again. The longer she's in there, the bigger she's getting. I know what to expect from an induction, and as a result hoped to avoid it, but maybe the devil you know.... If a smaller baby means no episiotomy, the pain of pitocin seems a small price to pay. And this time I won't wait for the epidural if I need it. If they will do it early Friday morning, I might say yes.

My blog traffic is way up in the last week so it seems quite a few of my readers are awaiting news. I'm not sure how quickly it will be posted. I should probably enlist someone to post for me. Will have to work on that....

Not all the new traffic is baby-related. Recent search terms that lead here include: "tile backsplash" and "tempurpedic yeast infection". I'm sure once I start posting about breast feeding traffic will spike again. The more you say breast or ass, the more hits you get.

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