21 April 2007

more to come

We're home and getting adjusted to life as a family of four, plus a dog. The birth story is coming soon. Though it is still rolling around in my head, I'm having trouble finding a nice block of time to type it. Needless to say, no one is getting much sleep around here.

I seem to have a baby attached to my chest most of the time. Overall, that's going well but it's painful just now. Porn star boobs (that should send the stat counter into overdrive) are not really my idea of fun. Remember, I had 2.2 pounds of boob removed, by choice, in 2001. They hurt like hell and add two shredded nipples to the mix and, well, OUCH!!! Baby girl has an insanely strong suck, even more than Oliver, and we're having timing issues on the latch.

In a nutshell, labor and delivery were easier and shorter than when I had Oliver. That said, it's a lot like trying to poop a watermelon.


Suzy said...

How do you know what porn star boobs look like?

Carmen said...

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Melissa said...

Pooping a watermellon -- ah, it brings back such vivid memories! Glad to read you all are doing well.

Hang in there with the sore nipples. I know I don't have to tell you it gets better, but just in case you need some reassurance, it gets better!