13 April 2007


Pottery Barn is a wee bit dense when it comes to their window hardware. Earlier in the week I went to my local store to buy some double rod hardware for the baby's room. When I got home and started putting things together I made some interesting discoveries. First, one of the boxes that was supposed to contain the double brackets and one set of rods was missing its brackets. I called the store and after checking inventory, they told me to bring the box back for an exchange. When I got there they told me what they showed in inventory were the units I purchased, but another nearby store had them. I wasn't up for the trip out there so they agreed to ship them at no cost.

The second discovery, and here's where it gets really D-U-M-B, is that I ended up with sets of single brackets left over. This is because the double rod is considered a "conversion kit" to the regular rod and bracket set. I went back to the store today and explained the issue to the same sales associate I worked with earlier. I asked about buying rods separately. The associate said, "Sure. No problem." About ten minutes later she emerged from the back to tell me no, they only sell rods with brackets.

This is so silly. They should either sell a complete kit for double rods (preferable) or sell rods on their own. How hard is that?

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