11 April 2007

two, or three, or maybe six

birthday celebration at school new jumper

Oliver is two years old today! If you ask him how old he is he will say nothing but grin at you, say "two!" (if you're really lucky), or blurt out a random number, usually "three!" or "six!". He was also saying, "Oliver James" a lot today. He has been noticing James, the red engine on his Thomas dvd lately and I told him James is his middle name. He likes it, apparently.

I'll post more pics of his birthday on Flickr later on. He opened a few presents this morning and will have more new things to play with when he comes home from school. I may hold the sand and water table a few days. With the new baby coming soon, pacing ourselves with new toys for Oliver seems like a good idea.

Aunt Suzy sent a very nice cake and a special plate, which made me realize I have no idea what box his birthday plate is in or if it was unpacked already. We'll try to send email to Suzy to thank her after we eat tonight, assuming we are not in comas from all the yummy sugar.

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