04 April 2007

buy my house

Now that we have moved, it's time to get the old house listed and sold. I thought we should take one more week and get a few more projects done but our realtor advised otherwise. The market is on fire right now, as it is every spring in this area. The house next door was under contract within about two weeks of being listed last month, and one down the street sold in about 4 days. Another one around the corner that I thought was lovely but overpriced is also sporting a "SOLD" sign. There's also one up the street that has been listed for months and has had at least three price drops, but we're not thinking about that one.

I spent yesterday morning doing some little things before the house got its MLS number. Hung a shower curtain the bathroom we did not re-do to tone down the horrid pink tile, scooped dog poop in the backyard (now that the snow has melted), and attempted to dig up a few daylilies for transplant. That last one did not go so well. I got pieces of all the plants but I had hoped to remove them whole. I hope they do okay in the new yard. Fortunately, daylilies are very forgiving.

With so many of my favorite bloggers (and let's not forget this one) engaged in buying and selling real estate right now, I feel I'm in excellent company. Their stories are no doubt more interesting than our's.

So buy my house. It's time this family got down to one mortgage, and preferably before we expand to two kids and we are reduced to one income. You know you want to.

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