06 May 2006

moo baa oh enough already

We're learning just how good Oliver's memory is, with Moo Baa La La La as our evidence. I blogged about this previously and have since learned he is asking his teachers to read it to him over and over too. This morning, as he was getting his first diaper change of the day, he looked up and asked, "La La?" It sounds a bit more like "ya ya" but I'm pretty sure he's not yet acquainted with the sisterhood. I have held him off so far this morning with But Not the Hippopotamus and That's Not My Bunny, with pretty good success.

Oliver is a boy in constant motion these days so I was excited to get his first riding toy yesterday. Alas, it shipped with only three wheels. BabyCenter generously gave me a $15 credit for the inconvenience. I hope Little Tikes is as accommodating and can send the missing wheel quickly.

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