16 May 2006

the authorities can leave Britney alone and come to my house now

We've reached the stage of toddlerhood in which Oliver is starting to look like an abuse victim. He managed to get two big bumps on the head within 10 minutes this morning. And the only thing that upsets Oliver more than a bump on the head is having ice put on the bump. So he's sporting two large lumps, not quite symmetrical, as the bouncing off the sliding glass door wasn't nearly as substantial as the whack from landing on the baby gate latch.

He was especially grumpy this morning even before the head bumping, due to waking up at 4:45 and having his parents spend 90 minutes trying to convince him to go back to sleep. He would look and sound like he was back to sleep, complete with snoring, only to pop up to see where I had disappeared to, just as I was nearing the door. Every time. For over an hour. He ended up flopping over in his high chair for a 10 minute catnap during breakfast with Dad.

Unfortunately, four hours of sleep left me in too much of a stupor to get a picture.

UPDATE: Oliver bumped his head a third time at school today. Doesn't appear to have left a mark, though. The baby gate mark is now multi-colored.

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Elizabeth said...

I know those days! Gabriel is walking so much now that his bumps and bruises are on the rise too. This weekend he smacked his head on the tile floor and gave himself this big purple bump on his forhead. Lovely! (and he hates ice too!) He is also starting to get up earlier and earlier. I don't know why??? I think because it's getting light out earlier.