30 November 2009

the end, or the one where I get all linky

As the world continues to conspire against me and my attempts at sleep, with football as the most recent conspirator, I'm going to end NaBloPoMo with a link fest. I have been planning to put them under one of those new links in the upper left of the window but those just aren't working for me. (The switch to WordPress is imminent.)

These are the blogs I read when I should be sleeping. Some have been doing NaBloPoMo, but not all. Some have cute kids, some have no kids. There's smart, funny, inspiring, geeky, crafty, beautiful and various combinations of those qualities. I'm taking a stab at categories here but there's a lot of overlap. Most of these could go in more than one category.

How About Orange?

Smart and Inspiring

Funny. Very, very funny


Draft Day Suit (sports geeky, not the other kind)

When I get over to WordPress the list will be longer and permanent but for now, this will do nicely.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Not only for the link, but for this nice list of what are sure to be great blogs to check out. (Because, hey, you obviously have excellent taste in blogs...) :D


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

And I read you when I should be taking my kids to the bus stop, so we are even.

ClumberKim said...

notMaryP: Had a tough time categorizing your blog. It could have fit in all of them, except maybe geeky.

Kelly said...

aw, thanks, lady!