10 November 2009

100 things, part one

It's about time I do the whole "100 Things About Me" thing, so here we go, 10 at a time, probably on Tuesdays.

1. I am doubting I will get to thing 100.
2. I have lived in five places: Maine, Williamstown, Swarthmore, Walla Walla, Pittsburgh
3. All of my full-time jobs have been with higher education institutions.
4. I hope my next job is not with a higher education institution.
5. I read books and blogs about parenting, hoping to learn how to do it better.
6. My husband is the calm parent. He doesn't need to read books and blogs.
7. I am the kiss of death to television shows. If I like it, its days are numbered.
8. Same goes for Trader Joe's products.
9. When I was seven or eight my goal in life was to be a statistician for the Boston Bruins.
10. In order to get my master's degree I drove a 500 mile roundtrip once a week for two years.

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