16 November 2009

in which we resort to the bulleted list

We've reached day 16. I think we call it NaBloPoMohshit.
  • Major fail at cupcake equality today. Oliver made me promise (please, let him never learn the pinkie swear) to take him to Coco's for cupcakes today. They were closed. So we tried Vanilla. They were closed too. Mother of the year, once again. Bless the boy's heart, he settled for a snickerdoodle and chocolate milk at Border's. And then an explanation of how we don't always get what we want, where I used the example of wanting a second car and not having it. That one is going to bite me in ass, one way or another.
  • I won!!!
  • I am supposed to be making money at this blogging stuff. Who knew? (more about this one later, if I have time -- remember, I have a day job)
  • My children ate broccoli tonight, in pretty substantial quantities (for them). Wish I knew why, or how to duplicate this little miracle.
  • Fantasy football will be the death of me. Next year, one league. Having players on my roster that are my opponents in the other league is making my little brain explode.
  • Oliver's class guinea pig, Jingles, is coming home with us for Thanksgiving. That's six days I will be grateful I have a blind dog and a deaf dog. Hold me. And please come over to eat the ginormous dinner I will make, and my children will not eat.
  • Finally, this blog post had me laughing until it hurt, and that was before I got to the comments. Then I remembered I have a son.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning. Do you have to go to the one in Robinson? DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN. *ahem* sorry to yell. Or, if you do have to take your children, make sure your husband is with you. It's kind of... hard to shop at.

Have fun with the guinea pig! Let me know how they are as pets. Flora asks every day for a dog. Every.Day.

And, I can't comment on the little blue pill. If O ever asks you about it, don't tell me.


ClumberKim said...

If he ever asks about the little blue pill I'm running away to your house. I think he's more likely to ask why people in bathtubs are holding hands. I ask about that myself. I'm pretty sure they are doing it wrong.