14 November 2009

Toddler vs Cupcake

On Friday I saw Eleanor for about fifteen minutes. Total. She was asleep when I left for work in the morning, and Mr C and I left for the symphony right after he brought her home after work. She was also howling when we left. I felt awful.

Today wasn't much different. This morning I took Oliver to lacrosse and then to watch the Williams - Amherst football game with a bunch of alums, while Mr C took Eleanor shopping with him. I was determined to have some time with my girl when she woke from her nap. We headed out to Coco's for a cupcake and as it was post-nap, she was a very happy little girl.

All through the drive she asked if we were going to Coco's house so it's not surprising she kept asking, "Where's Coco?" while eating the cupcake.

Why does she keep turning around? Workmen were hanging holiday decorations on the street lights. Fascinating stuff, if you're two.

EDITED to change video to a MUCH shorter version.


Beth Albert said...

I'm not gonna lie, I was sitting here rooting for her to stuff the whole thing of icing in her mouth! "Go! Go! Go!"

pghrugbyangel said...

Let's do it! hahahaha! I love that! She is SO adorable! I need to spend some more time with E. That's for sure. And I still need to meet Oliver!!!

Lady D said...

NO, DON'T CUT THE CAKE, MOMMY! That was awesome. Now I totally want a cupcake, too.

ClumberKim said...

@LadyD Don't say things like that....I'll have the FTC all over me.

Full disclosure: I paid for the cupcakes and the milk. I got a BOGO coupon when we were leaving and mentioned that I shot a video but I think they were giving the coupons everyone at the vegan tasting.