05 January 2009

re-entry roundup

After 12 days of togetherness, it was back to the real world for everyone in the family. Kids to their respective day cares, and the adults to their offices. Though we're going at 110% at my office to get ready for the semester to start next Monday, it was still a welcome change. I think all the daycare teachers were bracing for the worst but at the end of the day all reports were positive. Eleanor was fussy on the drive to fetch Oliver. I suspect she fought to hold it together while at school, then fell apart once she was with us. Overall, re-entry was a lot easier than I expected. Maybe keeping my expectations low is the best strategy.

During our time at home, thanks to both kids taking a post-lunch nap each day, we got a lot done. The clean-out is about 75% complete. The two rooms that remain are critical when the new windows arrive in a eleven days so we can't afford to lose momentum. We didn't get all the pictures we have to frame sorted but we did take one very important portrait for framing. I can't wait to get it back and hang the pair of them in the living room.

I am experiencing a few more problems with re-entry into blogging. My plan was to blog a little less, get the quality up, and have a little more time for reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. So far? Epic FAIL. I'm not even getting more sleep. I will be working on this in the coming days. Thank you to all the terrific bloggers who have continued to read and comment here, despite my appalling lack of reciprocity.

One year ago, we had a special guest in our house. When we "flunked fostering" he became a permanent resident. Bubba is doing pretty well for being a 13 year old Clumber.

Finally, my fingers may be writing checks my cooking skills can't cash. Uncle Crappy has challenged me to a crab cake cook-off. His original tweet was too damn irresistible. You can't throw something like that out there and not expect someone to respond. Should be interesting.

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