12 January 2009

kudos, and a few small requests

Dear USAirways,
A 50 minute delay in my flight does not entitle you to change the departure time on the monitors and still list it as "on time". 50 minutes is LATE, DELAYED, TARDY, and generally crappy of you.

Please also put some employees at your customer service desks in Philadelphia. Even one of the dudes who is supposed to be telling the pilot where to stop the plane at gate F34 but cannot let his coffee be interrupted would be a step up from nobody.

I am disappointed, again. Alas, not surprised.

Dear Radisson,
Get rid of your silly SleepNumber beds. They suck. A lot. Even when they work right they suck. Get some TempurPedics and I might stay with you again.

Also, when I call for Room Service I expect someone acquainted with food to answer the phone. If they spoke English that would be a bonus.

Dear Budget Rent a Car,
Thank you for not noticing the giant crack in the windshield of the cute little Outback you let me borrow for the weekend. You're a peach.

Dear Starbucks,
Build more stores near Valley Forge, PA. Parking at that monstrosity of a mall sucks. And the shop I finally found on DeKalb Pike is just BEGGING for a drive-thru window.

Dear Legal Sea Foods,
I love you. I love your clam chowder. I love your tuna sashimi, your shrimp cocktail, your steamed dumplings. I love your friendly service, and your bartender with both a sense of humor and a clue about wine. And I especially love that you found my iPhone and gave it back. I would like to hug you.

Dear American Spaniel Club,
Thank you for figuring out how to schedule your Flushing Spaniel show such that Best in Show is over around 4pm, instead of 10pm. Due to your brilliance, I was able to watch the Steelers short-circuit those silly Chargers. Watching the Golden Globes was also nice. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

So, um, not the most awesome trip in the world?

Glad you're back. See you soon,

Anonymous said...
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