19 January 2009

the end of an error

Barack Obama was not my first choice for president. I never did drink the kool-aid, but I voted for him. After the convention I was set on staying home, for the first time since becoming old enough to vote. Then came Sarah Palin, sending me entirely over the edge in a matter of minutes. I still didn't fully support Obama but the republicans had given me something to vote against. That was good enough for me.

Now that the election is over and the inauguration is upon us, I am generally impressed by the way president-elect Obama has handled the transition. I'm not sure about the costs of the celebration that are not being paid by private funds, but I'll be watching a historic and positive moment in American history, no doubt about it.

I am a little worried about what is being placed on the shoulders this guy who is only a couple of years older than me. I don't see how he can live up to the astronomic expectations, despite his best efforts manage them. He has my sympathy in that regard.

You remember where you were when horrible things happen. Now we have an entirely different sort of moment to remember. And that's a good thing.

Dick Cheney in a wheelchair tomorrow is just a bonus.

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KG said...

Please GET THE DAILY SHOW EPISODE from Inauguration Day on iTunes. You can thank me later.