23 September 2007

y'all come

I may have lost my mind but I just sent an email to all of Oliver's friends from his old school, inviting them to stop by on Friday afternoon. The school has an in-service half day so we hope to reconnect with lots of his buddies. We have seen a few of them since the new school year started (without Oliver) but he misses all of them. Now I just have to make sure the house is in order, some cupcakes are baked and frosted, fruit is cut, etc. Nooooo problem. Yeah, there is no "may". I have lost my mind.

I can now refer to the "old school" since Oliver has a new school! We visited on Thursday and accepted a slot on Friday. He will start sometime this week. The lead teacher is coming for a home visit tomorrow, and I'm finishing up the paperwork tonight. He loved the school, due in no small part to the big pink dinosaur out front and the view from his new classroom, which includes a gas station that in the process of being torn down. All it takes for this kid is a digger and a crane. He's hooked. The big slide on the playground didn't hurt either.

Nothing for Eleanor yet but she naps a bit more than Oliver and gives me some better blocks of time to spend on looking for a job. I may even squeeze in a bit more blogging. I have a somewhat grand (for me) plan to do more product reviews. Can I call that "looking for a job"? I know, it's a stretch. I really should just suck it up and apply to one of my favorite "big blogs" like ParentDish or Strollerderby. 2007 is shaping up to be the "year of living rejectedly" so one more round really should not scare me.

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