28 September 2007

one is silver and the other gold

Oliver completed the week at his new school in fine style. I got a glowing report (written, daily reports! including how lunch went and how long he napped) from his teachers, noting the smooth transition into the class and how much the teachers and other children are enjoying him. He isn't talking about his new friends yet but he clearly likes everything about his new school.

We had a great afternoon with some friends from his old school. I didn't tell him they were coming until I picked him up, mostly because I didn't know exactly who would appear. He was bouncing off the walls, to the extent possible when strapped to the baby barcalounger, the whole drive home.

It was great to see the kids and their parents (and a baby sibling and a grandma too!). In spite of my best efforts to the contrary, a few of my martha-esque tendencies reared their ugly head and I made cupcakes. There was a small, unfortunate incident while I was trying to decorate them involving a faucet but the cupcakes mostly survived and I was reminded, yet again, that I am not Martha after all.

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