23 September 2007

screwed, for the very last time

I really should know better than to try and shop on-line at Old Navy. I have had problems with them before, though I never have issues with The Gap's site. They must not have the same web wranglers working on both sites.

So on Friday night I was trying to place an order before midnight, when the 15% off sale and free shipping offer were set to expire. I had my cart filled by 11:55pm and was set to check out. Then I logged in and my cart was suddenly empty. Argh....okay, so I refilled my cart and it was 12:05. No discount and no free shipping. I was too tired and probably not thinking clearly because I decided place the order anyway and send an email to customer service. I was hoping they would fix the problem, thus not screwing others in the future, and perhaps, out of the goodness of their hearts or their desire to do the right thing, extend to me the discount and free shipping I would have received if their site was working properly.

Here's the response:
Thank you for your e-mail. We apologize for the difficulties you have
experienced on our site. Unfortunately, we have been unable to recreate
the problem you described. Please know that we are unable to apply any
discounts or promotions to orders placed after the offers have expired.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment this may
Yeah, well, please know I will be unable to shop at sites that don't work or with companies who don't believe in making things right when their systems fall short. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives.


Elizabeth said...

That stinks...I was just thinking about getting a few things online from them, maybe I will just head to the store instead.

Laura said...

Of course they were unable to replicate the problem - it would have meant giving you the discount. Argh!

You might go on www.measuredup.com and post a comment there about your experience. It's a new customer service website where consumers can chat about their experiences in both physical and online stores.