05 September 2007

catch-up, ketchup, toe-MAH-toe, whatever

Before getting back to regular blogging, a few updates are in order. August wasn't the black hole it appears to be.

I had a job interview in early August and it seemed to go very well. Unfortunately, August is a crappy time to try to get a bunch of people together to make a hiring decision. As of today, I'm still waiting, fervently hoping they are not stringing me along. Why? Because this is week three of being a SAHM to two kids and it is kicking my butt. My patience is shot before Monday is over. Oliver asks about his teachers and friends and it just makes me want to cry. I feel like I have failed him, failed to keep him a school that is beyond amazing, ripped him away from all of his friends and teachers, completely failed as a parent to give him the best start possible. And failing to give Eleanor that same start too.

I've spent the last three weeks glued to phones and email, waiting for word on this job. I'm not sure there is enough chocolate in the world to get me through even more waiting. Though I've been back at Weight Watchers for a few weeks now, losing eleven pounds, that success is now in serious jeopardy.

In one of my many efforts to keep Oliver amused, we've started worm composting.

This is a photo of the moment after I dumped the worms in our bin. Oliver was standing next to the bin, his eyes nearly popping out of his head. When asked what lives in our garage he proudly announces, "WORMS!!!" and will tell you that they are eating our garbage. In spite of my suckiness as a parent, he's an awfully cool kid.

Our other house still hasn't sold. I haven't planted a St Joseph yet but it's becoming clear that I should. Maybe we'll try to rent it if there isn't a sale by October.

We had a great time with CD's brother's family, visiting from England. We managed (barely, due to Eleanor's grumpiness and propensity to hurl) a photo shoot with all four of the kids on that side of the family, ranging in age from 15 to 3.5 months.

Thanks to the smart and pretty Mir and an ad on her blog, I had the Essure sterilization procedure last week. It was so easy! I don't remember any of it, came home very soon after I woke up, and was absolutely fine to take care of two kids for the afternoon. May all the colonoscopies in my future have anesthesia exactly like this. After the HSG test in November, I will not have to think about birth control ever again. Ever. Again.

The trip to Maine warrants its own little retro-blogging post. Maybe tomorrow, if I manage to get two kids to sleep at the same time.

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Jenn said...

Being "between jobs" makes for a lot of stress. I was there, and while I enjoyed the time with E, it was hard because I was always focused on the search at the same time, so I never felt focused on one or the other. Good luck with it all.