24 September 2007

piling on

As the year of living rejectedly continues, I was not selected for yet another job I interviewed for. It wasn't a full-time job, and frankly wasn't going to be enough money to warrant being terribly upset, but it's just.one.more.thing.

I'm hearing back from a few of Oliver's buddies about our invitation for Friday. Four no, one yes, and one maybe. (UPDATE: Five no, two yes, three maybe.) Some folks are traveling but it still makes me a little sad. He won't care. One buddy, eight buddies, it's all the same. The more the merrier, but one friend is fine in his book. Less cupcakes to bake for me. Since I am a total glutton for punishment, we may have to try again during the October in-service day at his old school.

Speaking of school, we had the home visit from his new lead teacher. It was fine but she doesn't like dogs. This bothers me, no doubt more than it should, but I am not at all sure I can entirely trust someone who doesn't like dogs. I don't trust all "dog people" but this is a woman clearly VERY uncomfortable around dogs. Can't wrap my head around that at all. Let's hope Oliver loves her and thrives in her care because it's going to take all that to win me over.


Jenn said...

It's funny how we react to other people's reactions. I guess I'm more of a love me, love my pet person than I ever realized. I hope all goes well with her and Oliver.

Elizabeth said...

I hope it goes well too! I have two awesome dogs, and I can't imagine anyone feeling uncomfortable around them, but there are those people. Could stem from their childhood or something. Who knows. I hope she is a great teacher for Oliver though.