07 March 2007

a tired old topic

So we're back to my old friend, sleep deprivation, and too damn soon. I'm mentally prepared for the fun that awaits after baby v2.0, the girl version, arrives but not now!

Last night Oliver decided he couldn't possibly sleep in his bed from about 12:30 - 4:30am. Since I am in week 35 of my pregnancy, it takes me a good hour or more to get comfortable enough in bed to fall asleep, assuming CD doesn't appear during that time and turn on the snore machine that is his head. We took turns trying to get our little monster dear sweet boy back to sleep but nothing was working. I was only able to get him to stay in his bed for 5-10 minutes at a time at most, just long enough for me to get back into my bed, but only sometimes. CD finally succeeded around 4:30 (I didn't hear a rubber mallet but you never know...) and Oliver got up to start his day around 7. That's an hour later than the previous days this week but still....

So by my count, I was awake from 6am yesterday until about 4:30am today. I started having JetBlue flashbacks.

At my usual OB appointment today all seems fine. They are saying my weight gain is fine (2.5 pounds in the last two weeks for a total of about 30), though my mother won't believe that even if I sent her a note from the doc. Blood pressure is still good and the glucose that had been showing up in my urine for the last couple of appointments is lower. I nearly passed out while she was checking the heartbeat, then started to cry because I felt so silly about how much it hurt to lie on my back and how lightheaded I got. Ah, the hormones of pregnancy. From now on it is weekly visits to the doc. And Group B Strep next week. I like it so much better when they leave my hoo-ha alone. When my giant maternity panties stay where they belong I can at least then I can pretend not to remember what lies ahead.

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