11 March 2007

23 months

Oliver is 23 months old today. All the usual cliches apply. The time just flew by (except the nights he wouldn't sleep), etc. You all know the drill.

Looking back at old pictures, I'm noticing how round his face was. It has thinned out and now he seems to look more and more like my father.

I think he's been sliding into the terrible twos for a few months now. Telling him "no" still results in exasperating laughter and giggles. One minute he's nearly angelic and the next he's pulling my hair, scratching any exposed flesh I might have, and trying to hit me in the head as hard as he can. Sometimes it's out of frustration at being told he cannot do something but often it's for no reason I can determine. He also continues to "perform" when I arrive to pick him up at school. Until he sees me he is well-behaved. As soon as he notices I am there he climbs on the table, throws books, and may even push a classmate. I try to turn my back and ignore the behavior entirely (unless it seems like someone is going to be injured). He does not like to perform without an audience.

This weekend we tried something new, in an effort to get more of the new house ready for our move in less than 2 weeks. We hauled out the old pack 'n play and put it in the baby's room. Oliver took naps there yesterday and today. They were the best weekend naps he's had in months, and he also stayed very close to his usual weekday schedule. CD got more painting done and I was able to complete a lot of other tasks.

Oliver should be pleased to find his favorite teacher is coming over tomorrow night so CD and I can attend a Lamaze refresher class. We didn't get to use any of it last time because I was induced. I learned all the ways to make labor shorter and less painful but was not allowed to do any of it. I found the whole thing very frustrating. Perhaps we will have better luck this time around. (And speaking of this time around...due date is April 17 but my OB has already said we should induce on April 13 if she hasn't decided to arrive on her own.) Contractions are happening with increasing frequency. I was even timing them last night. I really don't think any eviction notices will be required this time. But then, I was completely wrong last time when I tried to predict how the birth would go.

But back to Oliver....he really loves spending time with Clare and goes to bed for her fairly easily (she says). As we put together a list of potential care-givers when I go into labor, I would love to add her to it. Unfortunately, I don't think it's compatible with her teaching responsibilities. Of all the issues involved in the baby's arrival, caring for Oliver while I'm in labor is the one that's keeping me awake at night. He has never spent a night without at least one of his parents. Aside from his parents, he spends more time with his teachers than anyone else and is very comfortable all of them. It's difficult to line up people he likes as much or has spent much time with. If there were not so much mystery involved in when we will actually need help, I could probably prevail on a family member to fly in and help us. They never need to be asked twice when spending time with Oliver is involved. Like moving into the house, this is another one of those things that is going to work itself out eventually.

What, me worry?

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