10 March 2007

dada moon me

While I was getting Oliver ready for bed tonight he started saying, "Dada moon me." I think those of you acquainted with CD can probably guess that he's not likely to have mooned anyone in his life, so for a few minutes I was very puzzled. Then it all became clear.

We've been trading off reading bedtime stories to Oliver. He likes to have Goodnight Moon, a lift-the-flap book of baby animals, a large Pooh board book (with entirely botched text), and Dinosaur's Binkit, in that order, every night. Surprisingly, given his morning toast ritual, CD has added Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me to the reading list.

Just as "Binkit Dino" means he wants Dinosaur's Binkit and "night night moon" is Goodnight Moon, apparently "Dada moon me" refers to Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me. Bummer....I was hoping the kid was on to some secret he could share with me.

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