14 March 2007

house update

This is one of those very boring posts that rounds up all the things going on in the new house. We are now one week from moving day and there's still a lot left to be done.

Though the guest bathroom is low priority as we get down to the last few days before we move, progress is being made. The tub surround is installed, as well as the vanity. All the other components for this bathroom have arrived so it should be done fairly soon.

The best news I heard all day (other than the fact that my cervix is "soft") is that the counter tops are going to arrive tomorrow. I should be there to see them as I'm meeting the local babyproofer so she can give the new house a once-over. So many things are waiting on the kitchen and master bathroom quartz that there is now hope I'll have sinks and a backsplash in the kitchen when we move in.

I found a shower curtain for the kids' bath today. It's going to take a few weeks to get here and I hope it is worth the wait. I thought I had found the perfect one at IKEA but when I got there it wasn't quite as it appeared on their website. I had nearly given up finding something fun and in primary colors.

We may not be able to paint on Saturday. The floor finisher is putting the last coat on the wood floors. Oliver's room still needs another coat on the walls before we can start to work on the denim effect. The room for baby v2.0, the girl version, may not see any new paint until after we move in. Should only take one coat though.

The closet systems will arrive on Monday and be installed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The washer and dryer are ready to be hooked up. The wine cooler is not yet fixed. There are lots of new light fixtures to go in (and even more for me to find and buy). All in all, it's coming together.

UPDATE: No counter tops today. They are coming tomorrow. I think I will keep my expectations low.

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