15 March 2007

more of the jetblues

Regular readers will remember that I spent a delightful 26 hours at JFK in the JetBlue terminal last month. A few days after I finally got home I emailed them and explained what I went through. I didn't leave out the pregnant thing as I told them about trying to sleep on the floor and standing in their endless lines. A few days later I received a response that said, in essence, since it has been a few days we assume you solved your problem.

Later still I got an email saying that if I was entitled to compensation I would hear something by March 15. The whole "Ides of March" irony was not lost on me. I trust it made for good jokes on late night tv but it remained unclear whether their new "Customer Bill of Rights" was going to result in anything being sent my way.

A couple of hours ago, with just 6 hours left before it became March 16, I received an email from JetBlue. They are giving me a voucher for a round trip ticket in the amount of my original ticket. Great, I was thinking. I can give it to my mom or my sister so they can visit when the new baby arrives. And I can avoid seeing their terminal at JFK too. Perfect.

Not so fast....I kept reading and found it is not transferable. I guess that's one way to ensure most of the vouchers they sent out today are never used. Not that I'm bitter, of course. Some people are never happy. Ides of March indeed.

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