03 October 2005

when I wasn't paying attention...

I intended to notice when Oliver doubled his birthweight. It appears to have happened on day 161, when I was totally oblivious. Once again, I am compelled to blame sleep deprivation. It's gone from bad to worse in that department. Two nights ago Oliver decided to be awake from about midnight to 3:30am. I ended up with just over two hours of sleep that night. Last night, as I was heading to bed, Oliver woke up. He was unconsolable from about 9:30pm to midnight. I got a little more sleep but I'm still running a serious deficit, even more than what has become the new normal. We still haven't figured out what is causing this waking. Could be teething or a growth spurt, or something else. Maybe the doc will have some ideas when we go in for his 6 month visit.

The moody bitches continue to be moody. They are dancing for Chewy and each other. Poor old guy had enough of their advances yesterday morning and attempted to put Penguin in her place. Based on the noise one might have expected to find her in little pieces. Chewy, of course, didn't put a scratch on her. Unfortunately, she has an especially short memory at the moment and was back to her favorite tricks, trying to "spoon" with him on his bed, soon after. Piper play bows to everyone and tries, rather foolishly, to flip Penguin onto her back. It's very entertaining and I'll be very glad when it's over.

Coming attractions: CD and I are celebrating the seventh anniversary of our first date by going on another first date, our first night out since Oliver's arrival. Thank you to the brave souls who have graciously agreed to babysit. I'm not sure I will ever be able to sufficiently repay you.


Sherman n' Luka's 2 Legged Momma said...

We are thoroughly disappointed that our inept babysitting escapades did not make it onto the blog! Greg discovered that "hey, these things are more solid - like a sack of flour - than I thought", I managed to get Oliver down to sleep (twice) and in the end, we all survived. All in all, worth doing again. Perhaps next time we'll figure out the high-tech bottle.

Kim said...

I opted to avoid public embarrassment. Won't happen again! :)