06 October 2005

even more search hits for "zerbert"

In one of her funniest posts yet, Jenn Mattern wrote about the strange hits she's getting in her search logs. The best I can contribute is that I get an inordinate number of hits from people searching for "zerbert" and I am only going to add fuel to that fire with this post.

Oliver, it appears, understands what it means when he makes his mum laugh. Last night while nursing he had a bit of wind, as CD calls it. (No way was I going to get through a post on bodily functions without referencing our Oracle on such matters, Dooce.) This was some mighty loud, and might I add wet sounding, wind. Immediately following this sound, Oliver decided nursing would be better if he zerberted me. The two sounds were almost exactly the same. Mum laughed. Oliver did it again, then stopped to look at me to see if I would laugh again. It became clear that my laughing encouraged him to zerbert more and nurse less. Not very productive if we were going to get his tummy full and thus encourage a little sleep.

I spent the next 15 minutes trying very hard not to laugh. I have a feeling this is a skill I am going to need in the years to come.

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