28 October 2005

Dodging Wilma at The Happiest Place On Earth

Following all the rules of "safe" blogging, I didn't mention that the family was heading to Florida for Educause and a couple of days at The Happiest Place On Earth. We're back now and mostly recovered. We watched Wilma's progress with great interest, as our return flight was Sunday morning. Other than some rain on Saturday, we were unaffected.

Educause was interesting. CD gave a presentation and I went to sessions (when there were seats available), browsed the vendor booths (what happened to all the GOOD tchotchke?!), and searched for places to pump. The (mis) information booth at the convention center kept insisting the handicapped bathroom stalls had outlets. I finally found one that did, but only on the last day and only after discovering at least seven that did not. The kind EMTs let me use one of their spaces. Nicer than bathrooms stalls, for sure.

Oliver came along, of course, and Aunt Suzy joined us as The Nanny once again, reprising her role at the CSCA National Specialty last May. Though Oliver is a lot more interesting now, he's also a lot more work. They spent a day by themselves at The Happiest Place On Earth and poor Suzy was ready to collapse when it was over. As she discovered, Oliver is a lot for one person to handle.

A few highlights from the trip:

  • Oliver tried to snag Minnie for himself, but drooling on her nose was probably not the best strategy.
  • He did manage to secure a date in January with the lovely Lynda from Troon, who took care of us at the Rose & Crown pub. We will have to see if she's available for babysitting.
  • Oliver's lobster costume was a bit of a bust. It was 85 degrees. We almost had boiled lobster.
Check out our family website for more pictures from the trip and a short video.

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