10 October 2005

the six month update

So many new developments for Oliver on the eve of his "half-birthday". Over the weekend the first tooth sprouted. This may explain a few things that happened last week. Maybe not. I'll try to get a picture, though at the moment it's easier to feel the tooth than to see it.

He's also sitting up very well on his own. We pulled out the Pack 'n Play again, after relegating it to the closet when Oliver outgrew the bassinet. He will happily sit in it, with his boppy just in case of an inadvertent flop, and play with whatever toys are there. I call it "baby jail" but he is really happy in there. He was starting to use the toy bar on the bouncy seat to pull himself up, thus risking a tip over, so having a new parking place is very convenient. Oliver also likes being on the same level of the dogs, but without the risk of him drowning in Clumber drool.

Oliver has decided barley is not evil, and that carrots are the greatest thing since....hmmm, he's never had sliced bread so I don't know what is appropriate in this case. Apparently he complained when he finished his carrots at school today. Looks like half a jar, instead of a third, for tomorrow.

No progress on the sleep front. He's up to 40-45 minute naps during the day, when we're lucky. He is still waking every 3 hours at night. We go see the doc tomorrow for shots, etc. Maybe he will have a suggestion. I just hope he doesn't yell at us for starting solids a few weeks early.

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