11 May 2009

Pittsburgh Marches for Maddie

Our Team
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Thanks to all who donated to the March for Maddie and our Pittsburgh team. And thanks to Gina for letting me steal the photo. This is what we looked like before the walk got underway, in our killer matching t-shirts.

I was having far too much fun catching up with friends and their kids to notice that three miles was passing by. It sure didn't feel like 3 miles. For a few hours. Then I went to bed early.

For links to lots more photos of our team walking the walk, head on over here.


Allison Says said...

Ha--I went to bed early that night, too.

albamaria30 said...

I should have gone to bed early. I cannot remember the last time I actually went to bed early. Or slept in. I've way overdue.

thanks again for the wagon! see ya soon.