02 May 2009

concrete nirvana

My trip to Eureka! is over. I got home last night and it was great to see the family, of course. The trip was not at all relaxing. I didn't do anything to improve my sleep deficit. So I'm just as grumpy as when I left.

I had a great time with JT, as always. In a change of roles for us, she was the bad influence this trip. She convinced me to skip the banquet Thursday night and we went out for pizza (Imo's) and frozen custard (Ted Drewes). I didn't see much of St Louis other than that evening, but WOW! I know where I'm going if I ever go back. And that's despite being in line behind a couple with an abundance of body art, and behavior that begged for me to tell them to get a room. (Quickly followed by JT telling me of a nearby hotel with garages, so one could have a tryst without detection. The original "no-tell motel". They think of everything in St Louis, apparently.)

The pizza was good, but the custard? Holy moly. I have craved another chocolate banana concrete at least three times a day since we were there. Is there no frozen custard in Pittsburgh? And if I find some, what do I tell them in order to get something that approximates a concrete?


Tara said...

Don't know what a concrete is, but there is a soft-serve frozen custard place by us (Turtle Twist, the kids would love it, the building itself is shaped like a giant ice-cream cone) and, believe it or not, Jill & JD's place up in New Castle (Forbush's) is a genuine old-fashioned drive in custard stand. Oh, and there is a place near the Vet Surgery called Custards Last Stand (don't know if its still there).

Is it bad that I know all of the ice cream places around??

Sorry to hear the dog folks haven't changed.

Susie said...

Fifteen years ago we used to drive to Altoona for frozen custard (from State College). I am sure there must be some in Pittsburgh too!

We were very excited that a custard stand opened right near us last summer - in Connecticut! It's considered very exotic here!