06 May 2009

broken record?

Only a few more days of this, I promise. It will all be over on Saturday when an intrepid team of Pittsburgh Mums & Dads, some of them bloggers and some not, will March for Maddie and all the kids and parents helped by the March of Dimes. If everyone who sees this blog sent just a dollar, my team would easily clear our $3500 goal. And here's a promise:  As soon as the team hits $4000, I will cease blogging about the walk and get back to more interesting things, like Oliver's red poop or my first dental cleaning in 15 years. Topics not to be missed, right?

Healthy kids...it's something most of us take for granted. It's something I wish every parent could take for granted. I worried a lot through my pregnancies, despite early genetic testing, that something would go wrong. I have continued to worry, of course, but the sleep I have lost is a drop in the bucket compared to what other parents are living every hour of every day. I can't begin to imagine what the parent of a NICU baby goes through.

Won't you take a moment and send a buck, or two, or maybe even ten, to the March of Dimes? That purple badge over on the right side of this window gives you an easy link for sponsoring my walk on Saturday. 

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