28 May 2009

it worked! and then I felt crappy again

With apologies to all the therapists out there, shortly after hitting the almighty publish button on that last post, I felt better. It was so utterly unexpected I almost dismissed it, attributing it to chocolate or some other source of comfort, but no, it was the blogging. For reals.

I decided this wasn't some grand conspiracy after all. (JT, I must have missed a dose of paranoid pills!) I wasn't nearly as pissed off with Mr Clumber or the kids or anyone within a 100 mile radius. It was good.

Then I got a phone call that my Aunt Edith passed away yesterday morning. Pffffffffffft. She was 94 and had lived a pretty remarkable life, but that doesn't mean I am not sad. We are lucky to have had some great, albeit brief, visits with her in the last few years. She met Mr Clumber and both kids, and I got to tell her about my work with the Girl Scouts. She liked that.

I'm off to Maine in the morning so I can attend the funeral on Saturday. Then I will race back here Saturday night so Mr Clumber can make his flight Sunday morning. Two weeks of flying solo, whoohoo! Yeah, maybe not so much. This is not how I planned to rest up, but it will be great to see immediate and extended family, some I have not seen in years. I wish it were under different circumstances, of course, but this is how we have to roll sometimes.


Jenn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. It's never easy.

Minnie said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt, but glad that A.) You got a little relief from your last post, and B.) You'll get to see some family.